BS42020 – Natural England & ALGE Update

British Standard BS42020 – Update on Planning Conditions Covering EPS Licences

ALGE, Natural England and the British Standards Institution (BAS) have produced an explanatory note for local planning authorities on British Standard BS42020 and licences for European Protected Species (EPS).

Before granting planning permission, a local planning authority should satisfy itself that the impacts of a proposed development on European Protected Species have been addressed and that if a protected species derogation licence is required, the licensing tests can be met and a licence is likely to be granted by Natural England. This note provides guidance and further detail on this requirement.

Please note that this explanatory note only applies to European Protected Species and England only.

This explanatory note is now available to¬†download from here, and can also be found on the ALGE ‘Publications and reports’ page on this website at