Are Local Planning Authorities Ready for Biodiversity Net Gain? Online Survey

Are Local Planning Authorities Ready and Equipped to Deliver Biodiversity Net Gain?

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During 2021 the Government intends to introduce a mandatory requirement for the planning system to deliver biodiversity net gain (BNG). BNG will place new burdens on local planning authorities in terms of:

• capacity to deal with the expected increase in workload, and
• professional expertise necessary to address the additional technical, planning and legal issues involved in implementing the new measures.

The purpose of this survey (part of a joint project between Defra, ALGE and ADEPT) is to establish current LPA expertise and capacity and to better understand what the new burdens will actually look like. The survey results will provide an important contribution to the Government’s evidence base when it tests its assumptions about these burdens. Your answers will hopefully influence the Government’s policy toward additional resourcing for LPAs when they introduce BNG.

The survey is not compulsory, but we would very much appreciate your time and hope that you will also find the questions both interesting and informative.

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You can take part in the survey at

All responses will be treated in strictest confidence and your personal details will not be shared with anybody else (click here for the ALGE-ADEPT BNG Privacy Notice). There is however an option at the end of survey for you to indicate if you would be happy to be contacted to follow up on answers you have given.

It should take around 15 minutes to complete.

ALGE will post up the results of the survey on this webpage once the research is completed, along with any final reports and recommendations.

If you have any questions, please contact ALGE’s Project Officer at:

A very big thank you for taking the time to complete this survey; the project partners believe the results will be invaluable, so your time and contribution is genuinely appreciated.