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The Benefits of ALGE Membership

There are many reasons why you and your local authority should be a member of ALGE:

  • As a member, you are provided with access to a secure and exclusive ALGE Group hosted by the Local Government Association Knowledge Hub, which includes a well used Discussion Forum, Library, and Events section.
  • You have access to accurate effective information or advice that keeps you abreast of current legislation, policy and practice relating to nature conservation and the protection of natural assets at the local, regional and national level.
  • You have access to expert knowledge, advice and good practice – and not just within ALGE or local government - that improves the work you do and the ability of your authority to keep abreast of current and future challenges.
  • You can participate in events, meetings and seminars to improve your understanding of nature conservation and ecology at the local government level, and improve the standard of work you do for your local authority as reflected in appraisals and performance targets.
  • You get to hear first about offers on a wide range of external conferences or seminars, publications or products, and often at 'early bird' or discounted rates.
  • It helps your authority to achieve consistency in how it makes decisions and the effect this has on its reputation, performance and compliance with policy and legislation.
  • It provides support to improve the way you communicate with customers (politicians, residents, communities and businesses) to ensure the needs of local biodiversity and the natural environment are explained, promoted, protected and improved.
  • You get representation on national forums such as the All Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity and the England Biodiversity Stakeholder Group, and an opportunity to have your concerns, experiences and thoughts tabled at these and other national debates.
  • You have a professional 'voice' which is both experienced and effective in lobbying and networking skills to make sure your concerns and needs are understood and responded to.